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* You found an audio note. Listen to it?
> Yes.

Is this thing on?
Can you hear me?
My name's Viviana, and we need your help.
As you know, the Shattered Storm ruined everything.
One day, everything was fine, and then......
Everything fell apart.
The Storm expanded so quickly, by the time everyone realized what was happening, it was already big enough to cover the entire state of Arizona. And it didn't stop until the entire world was covered..
And as it went, it created fissures and caused torrents of water and lava, somehow turning the two opposites into one, scalding and toxic, element: Ignimaris.
No one knows why this happened, but they were going to figure it out......... But then......
The second part of the Shattered Storm struck. It changed almost all of us, driving most of us to madness, and caused my sister to vanish without a trace.
Now, I'm forced to join up with my..... 'classmate', Erin, and we're definitely going to need your help.
So, if you're reading this, come find us. We're currently in Northern Cadivius trying to find Erin's part of the tracking necklace we had. If you don't find us there, we'll leave a note in the highest cave on Mount Nubiguis telling where we'll go next.


Chapter: Book 1: Control Page: Pride Month Art! 2020

23rd Jun 2020, 12:00 AM

Pride Month Art! 2020

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Wild Moon Productions 23rd Jun 2020, 12:00 AM
Sorry about the whole vanishing thing, but I'm finally getting back on track with my schedule and stuff, so yay!
Comic work has started back up again, and as long as I don't dawdle too much, I should have it out at the start of next month! So, in the meantime, I decided to draw another Rayker thing (cause it's just too cute), with Glitch in the corner being a shy bean. yestheshybeanlikesbread-

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